Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gear List

46 liter knapsack Osprey Hornet
Small waist pouch for camera

Sleeping bag Primaloft .5 kg MEC overbag 
Sleepmat Thermarest .25 kg  Shoulders-to-Hips, self-inflating 
Drybag (15 liter silnylon) for knapsack contents
Drybag (10 liter good quality) for clothes and electronics
Drybag (1 liter plastic) for travel books and documents
Daybag (15 liter shapeless nylon)

Spoon, plastic breadknife, can opener, chopsticks 
Water bottle .5 liter / Expanding 1 liter or .3 litter bottle
1 day of light food (apple, cheese, chocolate, nuts, bread)

Rain shell / nylon Pants / umbrella
Black jacket / light fleece
Poly skull cap / Poly gloves / Poly hats (2)
Bathing suit / Mini-towel
Wool socks (1) / Poly socks (2)
Techie tops (4) / Nylon shorts (2)
Silk Sleep top/shorts Cotton underwear (3)
Sandals / Water Shoes

2nd skin, Band-aids, alcohol gel, compression wrap, gauze, tape, Murine, Allergy pills, Ibuprofen, Poly-Sporin, Gravol, Anti-Itch, Chlorine tablets, tweezers, scissors, pumice foam, Multi-vitamins, Lomotil, MalariaI

Toothbrush/paste, floss, vaseline, sun lotion, chapstick, toilet paper, hair soap, deodorant, mouthwash, razor, Q-tips, clippers, hair soap, laundry soap

Watch, wrist Compass, LED flashlight(2), whistle, plastic mirror, SteriPen (water),Camera, battery/charger, Camera chips (3), USB memory stick(3), 1-cell radio, spare batteries (2 AAA), Digital clock, Maps (2), Lonely Planet books, glasses/spare, pen (2), diary, family photos, travel documents/visas, Passport, MSI card, Blue Cross, NS driver licence, Vaccine record, needle/thread, safety-pins, cable-ties, Biners(2), Confirmations, Book, Music/Docs chip, Logbook, Moneybelt

Passport, Drv Lic, Spare passport photos, Family pics, Calling cards, Immunize

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